Webinar – Sustainable Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Commerce fully recognizes that sustainability is a key competitiveness issue for U.S. manufacturers. To this end, Secretary Locke has made supporting green business a key departmental priority. The Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative and Public-Private Dialogue is designed to identify U.S. industry’s priority sustainability needs, challenges and opportunities, and to coordinate public-private efforts to address these priorities. Representatives from the Department will discuss the work of the initiative thus far, including a number of industry events to promote sustainable practices, the creation of the Sustainable Business Clearinghouse, and the development of a Sustainable Manufacturing 101 training module for companies. They will also discuss ways Commerce and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable can work together in the future.

Morgan Barr is an international economist at the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. She works in the agency’s Manufacturing and services division on a variety of manufacturing and trade issues. She has been working on the Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative for three years, leading the OECD sustainable metrics toolkit project as well as working on the Sustainable Business Clearinghouse, the regional tour program, and leading a project to develop a training module for manufacturers on the basics of sustainable manufacturing practices.

Sustainable Manufacturing Presentation (PDF)


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