How to Take Advantage of Tax Incentives to Help Lower Your Energy Costs (BAE Case Study on Developing Energy Management Program)

Tax History, 100% of the cost of an alternative energy project can be expensed for tax purposes for projects completed after September 8, 2010 and before December 31, 2011.  Act now:  EPAct has been extended through 2013 and other alternative energy tax incentives are available through 2016.  Find out what tax incentives are available and how to take advantage of them.

At BAE Systems, Facility Managers played an important role in reducing utility costs by up to 48% while saving approx. $2 million in energy costs across enterprise in 2010.  Learn how a successful energy management strategy can positively impact your business, how to actively engage your employees, and learn practical measures you can implement for immediate success.


Sean Delehanty, Sustainability and Energy Management Manager for Electronic Solutions, BAE Systems will give a case study on how BAE Systems leveraged their Strategic Energy Program to get energy savings.

Morgan Rooney, Energy Management/Sustainability Communications Representative, BAE Systems will talk about personnel programs implemented at BAE to motivate behavior change across the enterprise.

Charles Goulding, Attorney/CPA & President and Founder of Energy Tax Savers, Inc. (ETSI), Energy Tax Saver’s Inc.  will talk about EPAct and tax incentives that everyone can leverage in their energy savings programs.