Tools to Measure Sustainability: Life Cycle Assessment

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Presenters: Dr. Anahita Williamson, Director, New York State Pollution Prevention Institute & Kate Winnebeck, Senior Environment, Health & Safety Specialist, New York State Pollution Prevention Institute

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a tool used to quantify the environmental impacts of a product throughout the entire life cycle, from material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, and end of life. The inputs and outputs of the product life cycle are quantified and then translated to environmental impact. Results are commonly used to compare the environmental footprint of multiple products which perform the same function.

LCA results are useful for communicating the environmental impact of a product both internally and externally. Internally, LCA results allow those operations or materials which contribute significant environmental impact to be identified, allowing target future improvements to be targeted. Externally, LCA results can be used to validate marketing claims or compare the environmental impact of products by multiple manufacturers.  This webinar will focus on the LCA process and how LCA results can be used to drive sustainability. Case study examples will also be presented.

LCA Webinar Slides