Partnering to Provide Industrial Energy Efficiency Assistance Webinar

There are many ways that state technical assistance partners can collaborate to provide energy efficiency services to industrial clients. The webinar will describe some examples of how partnerships were initiated, funded, developed and strengthened (and how challenges were addressed). Case studies will include work with manufacturers to improve energy efficiency, the environment, employee empowerment and the bottom line. There will be some time for discussion, so participants can bring their own methods, stories and questions.

Cristiana Figueroa, P. E.
Cristiana currently serves as the Energy team (E-team) lead at the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program, Department of Ecology. She also serves as a member of the Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency (TREE) team. She has over 20 years of experience working in multiple facets within the environmental field. In her role as a technical assistance provider for companies engaged in pollution prevention planning, she works directly with industrial facilities to identify and implement opportunities for resource conservation, waste and toxicity minimization, and process optimization.

Hugh O’Neill
Hugh is senior project manager with the Washington Department of Ecology. He has worked on pollution prevention and waste reduction for over two decades. In addition, he has developed, supported and managed several business assistance services and partnerships at Ecology include: toxic chemical use, waste and emission reduction; with Ecology’s TREE Team – water and waste water reduction; with WSU Extension Energy Program/Utilities – energy efficiency; and with Impact Washington – lean and green assistance.

Tony Cooper, P.E.
Tony is a chemical engineer in the Department of Ecology’s Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction program. His technical assistance projects center on helping industrial companies implement lean manufacturing process optimizations, chemical substitution and toxicity reduction projects, and energy and water conservation efforts. He is a member of Ecology’s Lean and Green, Energy, and Technical Resources for Engineering Efficiency (TREE) teams.

Partnering to Provide Industrial Energy Efficiency Assistance Slides