Staples’ Commitment to Transitioning to Safer Chemicals Webinar

Opening this webinar was Adam Siegel with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).

Through supply chain management and product design, Staples, a leading office products provider, continues to demonstrate its commitment to moving toward products that are safer and more sustainable. As part of its commitment to help ensure a healthy environment for future generations, Staples seeks to avoid the use of hazardous substances, transition to safer product alternatives, and prefer chemicals that have been designed using green chemistry principles.

Roger McFadden
Vice President, Senior Scientist
Staples, Inc.

Roger McFadden is Vice President and Senior Scientist at Staples, Inc., a position he has held since July 2009 when Corporate Express was acquired by Staples. Before joining Staples, Roger was Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Corporate Express with headquarters in Broomfield, CO a position he held from May 2006 until 2009. Before joining Corporate Express Roger was Vice President of Technical Services and Product Development for Coastwide Laboratories with headquarters in Portland, OR a position he held from1988 until 2006 when Corporate Express acquired Coastwide Laboratories. Before joining Coastwide, Roger worked as a consulting chemist and product engineer for several chemical manufacturing companies in both the U.S. and Canada.

Roger believes that we need a revolution in product design with an environmental conscience and commitment to green chemistry; the future belongs to companies that integrate green chemistry principles to eliminate hazard and waste at all stages of product life cycle; and that educational institutions can advance the benefits of green chemistry by incorporating it in textbooks, curriculum and across multidisciplinary fields including fundamental sciences, business, law and engineering.

This webinar is sponsored by the Safer Chemistry Challenge Program.

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