May 15 – State Profiles in Chemical Policy Implementation Webinar

Date: Wednesday, May 15
Time: 2 ET

States in the U.S. are taking the lead in chemicals policy, resulting in a changing regulatory landscape for companies to navigate. This webinar provided an overview of current state legislation with different perspectives from across the country. Attendees learned about the variety of strategies and approaches being used in legislation including chemicals of concern, restricted substances lists, targeted sectors and products, and alternatives assessment tools.

This webinar is part of NPPR’s Safer Chemistry Challenge Program Webinar Series and was co-hosted with the P2 Policy and Integration Workgroup.

Kerri Malinowski
Maine Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management

Cathy O’Dell
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Carol Kraege
Washington Department of Ecology

State Profiles in Chemical Policy Implementation Presentation