Climate Change and Green Chemistry

Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, Jim Jones, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, posted a blog on Climate Change and Green Chemistry Technologies. The blog also highlights the April 30, 2014, deadline for the submittal of nominations for EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. Below is a link to the blog, the Agency’s earlier press release on the Green Chemistry Awards, and several tweets. Please feel free to share these with your organization’s existing communications channel or with those who might be interested.

Jim Jones Blog:

Blog Tweets:
• Cold water detergents help with climate change/save money; submit a green chemistry technology by 4/30
• Help reduce carbon pollution – wash clothes with cold-water detergents #greenchemistry
• Can washing clothes with cold-water detergents help reduce carbon pollution/save money?

EPA’s March 18, 2014, press release on the Call for 2014 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Nominations:!OpenDocument