June 25 Webinar – Transforming Chemistry Education through the Green Chemistry Commitment

This webinar will provide an overview of a new program titled the Green Chemistry Commitment (www.greenchemistrycommitment.org). The program is a departmental commitment designed for higher educational institutions as a voluntary, flexible framework for chemistry departments to adopt green chemistry theory and practice. The Commitment is centered on student learning objectives that take into account topics such as green chemistry and toxicology, which have traditionally been absent from chemistry programs. College and university chemistry departments sign on to the Commitment, indicating that they value the student learning objectives and committing to working towards implementing the student learning objectives within their own departments. This presentation will feature an overview of the program, along with a perspective from Dr. Ed Brush, a GCC faculty advisory board member and professor of chemistry at Bridgewater State University, one of the first signers of the Commitment.


Amy Cannon, Beyond Benign
Amy holds the world’s first Ph.D. in Green Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts. Amy worked as an Assistant Professor of Green Chemistry and Director of Outreach and Community Education at the Center for Green Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell until September of 2007 when she left to co-found Beyond Benign, a non-profit dedicated to green chemistry education. Amy was awarded the 2012 EPA New England Environmental Merit award for her leadership and work on green chemistry education.

Edward Brush, Bridgewater State University
Ed Brush is professor of chemistry at Bridgewater State University, and coordinator of Project GreenLab; a regional center for green chemistry education. The mission of Project GreenLab is to bring the Principles of Green Chemistry into research, curriculum development and outreach education, and engages students and faculty at BSU and the regional community colleges.

Webinar Recording