2017 MVP2 P2 Educator : Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson directs K-12 programs in green chemistry education for the Massachusetts-based Beyond Benign, teaching how green chemistry can prevent pollution at the design stage of a product or material life-cycle. Kate trains K-12 teachers in adopting green chemistry practices that show students how to create a better world, and immediately reduce the use of hazardous chemicals, making classrooms safer and reducing hazardous waste at the source. In this past year she trained over 600 K-12 teachers in green chemistry and in creating new curriculum units for the high school, middle, and elementary levels. Her cutting-edge work enables hands-on experience, that demonstrate for students how a greener science can be developed. For example, hazardous chemicals typically used to demonstrate types of chemical reactions, such as lead (II) nitrate, barium chloride, and silver nitrate, are no longer needed. Kate’s Lead Teacher program brings together middle school and high school educators, from 9 different states and Canada, to be leaders in their school districts, and these teachers train their peers. A co-worker wrote that “education is central to pollution prevention and Kate is an educator who is helping to create this movement”.