2017 MVP2 P2 Program Winner Global Foundries US 2 LLC

During 2016 and 2017 Global Foundries US 2 LLC (GF), a Vermont facility that manufactures semiconductor chips and photomasks for global telecommunications and consumer electronics markets, converted from wet to dry etching in its photomask manufacturing process. This change brought about significant waste reduction and also resulted in improved operator safety and productivity, increased process yields, and improved equipment and floor space utilization. The following results were achieved:

  • Over 800 man hours of improved operator safety and productivity,
  • Total annual savings of this project was $159,810,
  • Cost avoidance savings of $124,239,
  • Water usage reduction of 6,570,000 gallons per year,
  • Energy usage savings of 352,414 kWh per year, and
  • Hazardous waste reduced by >6.5M gallons per year.

GF Vermont has shared its successes, allowing others to learn from them, through tours and talks with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Public Service, the Public Service Board, Efficiency Vermont, grade schools, high schools, and college students. GF employees not directly involved have learned about them at continuous improvement and problem solving forums.