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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The NPPR Board of Directors meets monthly, the 2nd Thursday of every month.  The Minutes will be posted one month after the previous months Board meeting, once the Minutes have been approved by the Board.  If you would like Minutes from a date prior to what is posted, please contact NPPR.

July 2014 (PDF)

June 2014 (PDF)

May 2014 (PDF)

April 2014 (PDF)

March 2014 (PDF)

February 2014 (PDF)

January 2014 (PDF)

December 2013 (PDF)

November 2013 (PDF)

October 2013 (PDF)

September 2013 (PDF)

August 2013 (PDF)

July 2013 (PDF)

June 2013 (PDF)

May 2013 (PDF)

April 2013 (PDF)

March 2013 (PDF)

February 2013(PDF)

January 2013 (PDF)

December 2012 (PDF)

November 2012 (PDF)

October 2012 (PDF)

September 2012 (PDF)

August 2012 (PDF)

July 2012 (PDF)

June 2012 (PDF)

The Board did not meet in May 2012.

April 2012 (PDF)

March 2012 (PDF)

February 2012 (PDF)

January 2012 (PDF)