Board of Directors

Landon Brown – Chair
Pollution Prevention Program Coordinator/ Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Coordinator
State of Wyoming

Alan Bookman – Vice Chair
Environmental Justice Liaison at NJDEP

Meghann (Slattery) Quinn – Secretary
Manager, Office of Pollution Prevention at Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Ken Zarker – Treasurer / past Chair
Pollution Prevention Section Manager at State of Washington

Greg Adolfson
Sustainability Officer

David Carter
Pollution Prevention Institute at Kansas State University Pollution Prevention Institute

Stephanie DAgostino
Supervisor, Pollution Prevention Section
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Greg Geyer
CEO Terrachord LLC

Keith Litz
Environmental and Energy Specialist at Manufacturing Technology Center (MEP)

Lissa McCracken
Executive Director
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Joy Onasch
Community Program Manager at Toxics Use Reduction Institute

Rick Reibstein
Lecturer, Environmental Law at Boston University

Jonathan M. Rivin
Sustainable Materials Management Consultant at World Environmental Consulting

Michael Simpson
Senior Environmental Engineer at City of Los Angeles