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Member Profiles

May 19, 2014

Safer Chemistry Challenge Program (SCCP) members have pledged to reduce or eliminate specific chemicals of concern usage by 2025.  Below are the profiles of SCCP members that have taken the pledge.

Washing Systems

Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

Tennant Company

Norchem Corporation

Naturepedic/Lullaby Earth

Cummins Technical Center

Success Story Template

November 8, 2011

Success stories are a way for companies to present a brief description of their achievements for recognition.  They provide a brief description of tools technologies and techniques used to enhance performance.

Success stories are used to:

  • Encourage companies to adopt pollution prevention and safer chemistry by showing real world examples.
  • Identify technologies and techniques that were successful.
  • Measure the effectiveness of pollution prevention and safer chemistry projects by quantifying chemical reductions, pollution reduction, money savings, and other benefits.
  • Promote environmental performance beyond the industry standard.

Here is a standard template to use in developing your company’s success story.  Email the completed success story to for it to be posted with the other SCCP success stories.