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Passing of Fred Granek

January 3, 2014

It is with sorrow that we pass along the sad news of Fred Granek’s death earlier this week. We will make more information available as we receive it from his family.

NPPR is asking for write-ups and tributes to Fred that we can share with his family to memorialize his dedication and accomplishment in the area of P2. It might about being with him at an event or about something that you remember best about him. So many of us were touched by his passion for P2.

P2Press: December 2013

December 29, 2013

P2Press December 2013

P2Press: November 2013

December 12, 2013

P2Press November 2013

U.S. EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

November 21, 2013

EPA announced today the proposal of draft guidelines that will help the federal government buy greener and safer products. The draft guidelines were designed to assist federal purchasing decision makers in more consistently using existing non-governmental product environmental performance standards and ecolabels. In response to broad stakeholder interest, EPA is seeking public input on these draft Guidelines and a potential approach to assessing non-governmental environmental standards and ecolabels already in the marketplace which can help federal purchasers identify and select products that are greener and safer for the environment. The draft guidelines were developed by EPA, the General Services Administration, and others following several listening sessions with a wide range of stakeholders on how the federal government can be more sustainable in its purchasing and how it can best meet the numerous federal requirements for the procurement of sustainable and environmentally preferable products and services.

Below are links to a blog from Jim Jones, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention; the Agency’s press release; and draft social media posts that are you are free to share.

Jim Jones Blog: Making Federal Government Purchasing Greener at

Press Release:!OpenDocument (RELEASE)

Social Media:


Did you know that the federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services - in the world? We’re releasing new draft guidelines today that will help the federal government buy more sustainable products - from furniture to cleaning products. This means your taxpayer dollars will be put to greener, more efficient use.


We now have draft guidelines to help the federal government buy greener products. #GreenGov

Tweet 2: We’re helping government buy and increase market demand for green products with new draft guidelines. #GreenGov

EPA Electronic Web Submission System Beta Outreach

November 21, 2013

EPA is developing a fully electronic, Web-based submission system to handle the receipt of responses to future Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP) test orders. The Agency is currently beta testing the e-Submission of EDSP data that will be accessible via the EPA-established Central Data Exchange (CDX).

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013, EPA will be conducting a Web-based walk through of the EDSP submission module currently under development and seeking input from potential industry users of the system. Please note that the focus of the session is on the functionality of the system, and that specific requirements for test orders will not be discussed during the demonstration.

Attendees must use an operator- assisted conference for these sessions (Within the U.S. dial 866-900-8984; outside the U.S. dial706-679-4304, Conference ID: 11138289). Please try to dial in at least 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the web demonstration*. Access the session:

Those interested in participating may include: 1) Any chemical manufacturers/importers (e.g. anyone who manufactures, imports or processes chemical substances); 2) any pesticide and agricultural- related chemical manufacturers/importers (e.g., anyone who manufactures, imports or processes pesticides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals); and/or 3) any pesticide or chemical manufacturer who previously received an EDSP Order or Data Call-in notice from the Agency and would like to electronically submit to the Agency.

For those industries participating, EPA is very interested in obtaining feedback on the test order response module. This feedback will be key to the successful development of this and future electronic submission systems. For those unable to participate in this session, EPA will post copies of the slides and audio file at:

*Prior to logging into the session, ensure your Web browser is configured to allow pop-ups and enable Adobe flash so you will be able to view the session. If you have any questions about your browser configuration, please contact your help desk.

P2Press: October 2013

October 30, 2013

P2Press October 2013span>

Project Manager for the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2)

October 28, 2013

The Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA) is seeking a Project Manager for the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2). The IC2 is an association of state, local, and tribal governments that promotes a clean environment, healthy communities, and a vital economy through the development and use of safer chemicals and products. The goals of the IC2 are to:

• Avoid duplication and enhance efficiency and effectiveness of agency initiatives on chemicals through collaboration and coordination
• Build governmental capacity to identify and promote safer chemicals and products
• Ensure that agencies, businesses, and the public have ready access to high quality and authoritative chemicals data, information, and assessment methods

The functions of the IC2 include:
• Supporting health and environmental agencies with development and implementation of programs to promote use of safer chemicals and products
• Supporting the development of alternatives assessment methods and identification of safer alternatives
• Sharing data and information on use, hazard, exposure, and alternatives
• Sharing strategies and outcomes on chemicals prioritization initiatives
• Building the capacity of agencies by sharing materials, strategies, and trainings
• Assisting agencies in meeting the relevant information needs of businesses, consumers, and the public

IC2 membership consists of Members (state, local, and tribal governments) and Supporting Members (non-governmental organizations, businesses, labor organizations, and academic programs). The IC2 is a program of NEWMOA. NEWMOA provides management and staff support for the Clearinghouse and serves as its fiscal agent.

For more information, please visit

P2Press: September 2013

September 29, 2013

P2Press September 2013

Press Release - Bringing Back Manufacturing and Creating Local Jobs in WA State

September 19, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013


WASHINGTON, DC – Liberty Bottleworks, was awarded this week a 2013 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) award in Washington D.C., for their work on sustainable manufacturing and pollution prevention. Liberty Bottleworks is one of ten projects to be honored by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable at an annual ceremony in Washington, D.C. Tim Andis, President/CEO received the award on behalf of Liberty Bottleworks for their sustainable manufacturing practices in producing the only American-made drinking bottle made from recyclable aluminum.

The three-year-old company from Union Gap, Washington is focused on providing consumers with innovative products produced with sustainable business practices. Liberty Bottleworks manufactures America’s first 100% Made in the USA reusable aluminum water bottle and the only bottle in the world to made from recycled materials. The bottles high resolution digital graphics feature numerous artists and are sold through retailers like REI, Whole Foods, LL Bean and thousands of specialty retailers. Many breweries, bands and companies have selected Liberty as their preferred custom graphic reusable bottle vendor for their sustainable practices, unmatched graphics capability and commitment to American manufacturing. The 35,000 sq ft factory built in 2010 is based in central Washington in the Yakima Valley and currently has more than 40 employees. Liberty Bottleworks actively promotes the hiring of military vets and is committed to creating a positive impact on their community, through volunteerism, leadership and engaging the local culture. Earlier this year, the company was awarded the Environmental Excellence Award for green manufacturing from the Association of Washington Businesses (AWB). This past month, Liberty Bottleworks celebrated the delivery of their millionth bottle. With an average bottle life expectancy of 5 years, their current bottles in the market have the capacity to reduce landfill by over a billion one time use bottles.

“The MVP2 Award is a real honor and I’m thrilled for the recognition in our efforts to not only reduce how many plastic one time use bottles go into the landfill but our leadership efforts in zero waste manufacturing,” said Tim Andis, Liberty Bottleworks President.

“Liberty Bottleworks is a tremendous success story on several levels. As innovators, Liberty has re-engineered a common household item using green processes and creative design,” said Don Brunell, President, Association of Washington Business. “As a manufacturer, Liberty has committed to producing its product in the USA and, perhaps more importantly, created great jobs for people here in Washington. The MVP2 Award is well-deserved.”

“What’s good for American manufacturing is good for jobs and the environment,” said Ken Zarker, Pollution Prevention Section Manager at the Washington Department of Ecology, who nominated Liberty. He added, “Liberty is a leader in moving toward sustainable manufacturing. We are proud this company and other pollution prevention winners have shown significant results in saving water, reducing pollution and conserving energy.”

The company has also taken steps to implement a chemicals management program to address chemicals of concern to customers, including Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates that meets customer expectations and performance needs.

The MVP2 Award from the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPRR) demonstrates how organizations can become more competitive, form partnerships, realize cost savings and enhance environmental quality, all at the same time. Jeffrey Burke, NPPR Executive Director, stated, “These organizations have clearly demonstrated that pollution prevention is a smart business strategy and we applaud Liberty Bottleworks for their leadership and commitment to promoting a sustainable future.”

The Washington Department of Ecology worked with the Association of Washington Business (AWB) to forward Liberty Bottleworks to the national awards competition, after Liberty won the statewide AWB Environmental Excellence Award earlier this year.
# # #

For more information:
Department of Ecology ( BLOG
MVP2 Award (


Broadcast version:

A local outdoor industry company, Liberty Bottleworks, received the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Award in Washington, DC, today for their sustainable manufacturing practices. As the only producer of an American-made metal drinking bottle, the three-year-old company is making great strides as a leader toward zero-waste manufacturer. Earlier this year, Liberty Bottleworks won the Environmental Excellence Award from the Association of Washington Business. The company has also been working to eliminate the use of chemicals of concern to consumers, including Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. On the outside, the bottle makes a fashion statement with original artwork.
# # #

The MVP2 awards are awarded during National Pollution Prevention Week, which is the third week of September, September 15–21, 2013. Since Pollution Prevention Week became a national event in 1995, the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) has been advancing pollution prevention awareness through its efforts to encourage and promote widespread participation during this week. By sharing information, National Pollution Prevention Week is a time when organizations can become more competitive, can realize cost savings, and enhance environmental quality.

# # #

Press Release - The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Announces: The 2013 MVP2 Award Winners

September 3, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – The 2013 Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) awards presented by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR) celebrate the successes of innovators in the areas of pollution prevention and sustainability. The MVP2 awards are presented annually during National Pollution Prevention (P2) Week. Since P2 Week became a national event in 1995, NPPR has been advancing pollution prevention awareness by encouraging and promoting widespread participation during this week.

The 2013 MVP2 recipients represent a broad range of backgrounds including academia, industries, non- profits and individuals that have demonstrated significant accomplishments in pollution prevention. Together, these programs and projects reduced hazardous materials by 757,000 pounds, non-hazardous materials by 7.8 million pounds, water use by 484 million gallons, air emissions by 137 million pounds, and energy use by 484 million kWh. These prestigious awards will be presented at a ceremony in Washington, DC on September 18, 2013.

Awards are presented in four categories. This year’s winners for the Projects/Programs Award were Associated Air Center, Denyo, Liberty Bottleworks, IBM Vermont, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center, Norchem, Owens Corning, SABIC, and Toyota of West Virginia. Honorable Mentions went to Community Closet, Watson Furniture, StandardAero, The Green Building, Toyota of West Virginia, and Washing Systems. Rick Bossingham with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management took home the award for P2 Champion. Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Scott Butner, formerly with the Pacific Northwest National laboratory and a volunteer member of the Pacific Northwest Pollution prevention Resource Centerr, and Donna Walden of the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network.

Jeffrey Burke, Executive Director of NPPR, stated, “These organizations have clearly demonstrated that pollution prevention is beneficial to both the environment and the economy. They are being recognized for their leadership and commitment to promoting a sustainable future”. The MVP2 awards demonstrate how organizations can become more competitive, form partnerships, realize cost savings and enhance environmental quality all at the same time.

For more information on the MVP2 Awards and NPPR, visit


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