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December 9 Webinar - Initial Results from Evaluating the IC2 AA Guide Using Copper Boat Paint Data

December 3, 2014

Date: Tuesday, December 9
Time: 2 PM ET
Webinar description:
The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) is an association of state, local, and tribal governments along with supporting members from industry and the environmental community. IC2 was formed to ensure that state, local and tribal agencies, businesses, and the public have ready access to high quality and authoritative chemicals data, information, and assessment methods. The IC2 sponsored the creation of the Alternatives Assessment Guide to standardize the AA process. This webinar presents results from an alternatives assessment conducted using the IC2 AA Guide on copper boat paint data.

Alex Stone, Washington Department of Ecology
Alex Stone, Sc.D., is a senior chemist at the Washington State Department of Ecology. Dr. Stone has a BS in chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, an MS in Environmental Engineering and Science from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Doctor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway. He has worked as a chemist for the Washington State Department of Ecology for the past 17 years. He currently functions as the Safer Chemical Alternative Chemist for the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction Program, working on Washington’s Chemical Action Plans, safer chemical alternative assessments, and the Children’s Safe Product Act,
as well as serving as an advisor to Ecology management on chemical policy.

September 9 Webinar - Alternative Products: Release Agents for Parts Manufacturing, Concrete Stamping and Asphalt Manufacture and Application

August 12, 2014

Date: Tuesday, September 9
Time: 2 PM ET

(Hosted by WSPPN & NPPR as part of the Safer Chemistry Challenge Program Fall Webinar Series)

In some manufacturing operations, various substrates are used to manufacture parts which are molded into a particular form. Mold release agents are used to prevent the fiberglass or plastic from sticking to the mold. Concrete and concrete overlay stamping involve stamping a pattern into concrete to give it the appearance of stone. Release agents are used between the curing concrete and the mats with the pattern to be stamped to prevent the concrete from sticking to the mat. A release agent is also used in asphalt manufacturing plants and when asphalt is being applied to roads to prevent the asphalt from building up and sticking to equipment and tools.

EPA Region IX and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) sponsored a project conducted by the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA), a nonprofit organization, to identify, develop, test and demonstrate low-VOC, low toxicity alternatives to the high VOC content materials used as release agents in these applications.

IRTA tested and demonstrated alternatives including water-based release agents, petroleum based lubricants, lubricants based on soy, and vegetable oil containing soy and canola oil recycled from restaurants. IRTA analyzed and compared the cost of using the alternatives. The project has been completed and the SCAQMD plans to develop regulations requiring the use of low-VOC alternatives over the next year or so.

Dr. Katy Wolf will present the findings of IRTA’s alternatives product research project and provide a comparison of alternative release agents.

October Webinar - HP decaBDE Alternatives Assessment: A GreenScreen Case Study

August 11, 2014

Date and Time TBD


Cheri Peele, Clean Production Action
Cory Roberts, Hewlett-Packard

November 19 Webinar - OECD Tool Selector Kit

August 11, 2014

Date: Wednesday, November 19 Time: 2 PM ET Registration: Slides Jonathan Rivin, University of Wisconsin - Extension

January 2015 P2 Conference

August 6, 2014

P2: Increase Profits Reduce Pollution Conference
Co-Hosted by AWMA and NPPR
January 13-14, 2015
Kingsgate Conference Center
Kingsgate Marriott
Cincinnati OH
More information will be posted as it becomes available at