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P2 Measurement Tools

July 3, 2014

Pollution Prevention Measurement Tools


Pollution prevention and climate change? You may be sure that pollution prevention can successfully tackle climate change–but can you prove it?  Thanks to the U.S. EPA’s new pollution prevention calculators, you now can provide the numbers you need to convincingly make your case.

In our society, measurement is empowerment.  From corporate managers to baseball fans, measurement bring credibility to discussions, informs us of where we are allows us to set goals for where we want to be.  It allows us to evaluate the status quo, benchmark, and make changes.  Whether you are in business, government agencies, and public institutions or at home–numbers inform good decisions.  Among environmental solutions, pollution prevention solutions tend to have the strongest track record for delivering environmental benefits while preventing an economic burden on the marketplace.  These calculators can empower those marketing pollution prevention solutions and making connections between P2 and positive environmental change for problems like climate change.

Suite of P2 Performance Measures

    The Calculator Tools will assist in capturing critical P2 outcome measures:

  • Pounds of hazardous materials reduced;
  • Gallons of water saved;
  • Million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (greenhouse gas emissions) that are reduced or avoided;
  • Dollars saved by businesses and institutions through P2 practices.
  • Who should use the tools?

    Anyone can use the tools! In fact, federal agencies, state and local governments, NGOs, consultants, businesses and grantees have all benefited from using the tools.

    What do the tools measure?

P2 Measurement Tools Methodologies Report

August 20, 2009

The Data Measurement Tools project is part of a cooperative agreement between NPPR and US EPA.  The objective of this agreement was to identify various Data Measurement Tools methodologies that are being used by state, local and tribal governments, and academia.  The project aimed to address aspects of P2 results measurement dealing with data collection tools, data calculators, and data management systems.  The P2 Measurements Tools Methodologies Report is a first step in putting together resources related to Data Measurement Tools.
This report is a “living” document.  Other terminology and additional comments/suggestions/edits are welcome.  If you are developing new tools they may be submitted for including.  Please send our information to Kim Richards at
To view the report - P2 Measurement Tools Final Draft (PDF)

On-Line Calculators, Tools, and Resources that Measure, Track, and Evaluate Pollution Prevention Activities

November 12, 2008

The PDF document below briefly describes on-line calculators, tools, and resources that measure, track, and evaluate pollution prevention activities.  The 53 listings include websites with multiple resources, stand-alone programs, and simple spreadsheets.  These sites have not been fully reviewed for their contents however; the research goal was to seek tools and resources that would benefit pollution prevention measurement and evaluation activities.

To view the document, click here.