P2 Policy & Integration

The workgroup members include a broad-based group of state and local governments, businesses, academic, tribal, and nongovernmental organizations working to monitor and develop pollution prevention policies and strategies to advance environmental protection.

The workgroup is particularly focused on reforming state-level chemical management policies in the United States to promote toxics reduction, safer chemical alternatives and products.

The workgroup is working to integrate pollution prevention policies and strategies into state and federal legislation, air, water and waste regulatory programs, P2 planning and performance-based environmental programs.

The workgroup hosts a one hour conference call on the first Thursday of the month beginning at Noon EDT.

The workgroup is currently focusing efforts on three priority initiatives:

  • State Chemicals Policy Reform
  • Green Chemistry in Commerce (GC3) Business Incentives
  • P2 Integration

An increasing number of states are confronting demands for action from citizens, businesses, and state policy makers to address the safety of chemicals in consumer products. States are providing leadership in this area through the development of a state comprehensive state chemicals policy, safer chemical alternatives, coordinating with EPA, monitoring implementation of international chemicals policies such as REACH and tracking policy development related to the Toxics Substance Control Act (TSCA).

The Green Chemistry Business Incentives Project is a collaborative effort with the Green Chemistry in Commerce Council (GC3) and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable. The project goals include creating a menu of options for incentives that states could use to promote widespread adoption of green chemistry practices. The green chemistry incentives menu is envisioned as a flexible tool with a range of options designed to stimulate/motivate industry activities.

The workgroup is also tracking implementation of state pollution prevention planning laws, pollution prevention integration, including the EPA P2 Integration Assessment Report. EPA has undertaken a self-evaluation of Agency efforts to integrate pollution prevention policy into its programs and to promote pollution prevention approaches at other Federal agencies, as authorized by the Pollution Prevention Act (P2 Act).In this evaluation EPA is reviewing the P2 Act provisions that address integrating P2 policy into Federal programs authorized under other statutes.

If you are interested in getting involved with this workgroup please send an email to staff@p2.org.