Research, Technology, and Energy

The Research, Technology, and Energy (RTE) group combines the strengths of what were originally the Research and Technology Transfer workgroup and the Energy Efficiency/Pollution Prevention (E2/P2) workgroup.

The mission of this group is to encourage P2, process innovation, safer materials, and increased energy sustainability through the use of new and commercially available technologies. Recently, a major focus of the group has been effective technology diffusion. Through EPA grant funding, members have collaborated to advance adoption of technologies with significant E2/P2 potential in the following sectors: wood finishing, fiberglass reinforced plastics, electroplating, printed wiring boards, painting, coating, and metal casting.

Another major focus of the group has been quarterly P2 Review conference calls. These calls have explored topics including fiberglass reinforced plastic, coatings, and heat and heat recovery. The intention of the calls is to spread information on what P2 technologies work, what doesn’t work, and what new P2 technologies look worth investigating. The RTE group is also looking for new ways to encourage adoption of renewable energy and innovative energy efficiency technologies.

The group will continue to be in search of fundable projects to work on that will address and contribute to NPPR member needs. Finally, this group plans to continue its role in creating technical sessions and trainings for NPPR’s annual spring conference. Past accomplishments of the group include a white paper discussing government’s role in P2 verification, providing comments on NPPR documents, and assisting other groups with the integration of energy efficiency concepts into their activities.

If you are interested in getting involved with this workgroup please send an email to