The Sustainability Workgroup’s goal is to understand the role of pollution prevention in sustainable development and to identify the changes that will need to take place to bring sustainable actions to the core of all programs across the country. To accomplish this goal, the workgroup will research and monitor sustainable pilots, projects and initiatives that are being implemented across the country by local, state, federal government, academic institutions and business. Sustainable practices are being tested in a variety of areas and through a host of mechanisms, but there is not a single organization that is viewing them collectively.

To incorporate P2 into these longer range plans and ensure that P2 is part of a sustainable future, we need to first understand how these pilots and projects are developed, implemented and measured. Once the workgroup has this information, it will explore and identify the common challenges, successes and resource needs.

Armed with this information the workgroup will develop position papers on the core needs and changes required across institutions to integrate sustainability into P2 and other programs. This workgroup will search for funding mechanisms to accomplish its tasks. Moreover, the workgroup plans to host a dialogue session on sustainability approaches and contribute to integrating sustainability.