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Upcoming events

    • 24 Apr 2024
    • 8:30 AM (CDT)
    • 25 Apr 2024
    • 4:30 PM (CDT)
    • Virtual, Central Time Zone

    The conference will feature traditional 15-minute presentations and lightning talk sessions on the latest in emerging contaminant research, policies, and outreach in the soil, water, and air. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking with those interested in all aspects of emerging contaminants in the environment.

    The Emerging Contaminants in the Environment Conference, co-hosted by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, has been held annually since 2016. ECEC24 is a certified green event by the University of Illinois’ Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment.

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    • 22 May 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • Virtual (Zoom), Eastern Time Zone

    Illinois's Tim Lindsey, Kentucky's Cam Metcalf, and Massachusetts' Rick Reibstein, are all experts on pollution prevention. To pass along their decades of knowledge and expertise, each of them have become book authors. Attend this P2U webinar and learn how various aspects of their books can bring pollution prevention together for a variety of important decision-makers.


    Cam Metcalf, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC)'s founding Executive Director in 1995, retired in October, 2013.  With a career spanning nearly 40 years, Cam is well known as a pioneer and a national leader in advancing pollution prevention (P2) and energy efficiency (E2).  Cam's technical expertise, innovative vision, and engaging leadership style enable the Center to gain a national reputation and become an award-winning champion of P2 and environmental sustainability.

    During his career, Cam has received several awards including: NPPR's 2001 Bill Bilkovich Individual Achievement Award for P2, and EPA Region 4's Inaugural Environmental Merit Award honoring his work within the community to sustain our natural systems and promote environmental stewardship.  Cam also served on he Board of Directors for the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable.

    Dr. Tim Lindsey spent 20 years at the University of Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), where he developed and led their applied research, education, and outreach efforts.  In his roles there, he worked with hundreds of companies and communities to develop and implement more sustainable processes, products, and systems through improvements in materials, devices, machinery, methods, chemistries, and energy sources.   Tim holds three US patents regarding industrial fluids management and water purification.

    For over 40 years, Tim Lindsey has helped hundreds of organizations increase their effectiveness through improved sustainability performance in their processes, products, and systems.  Tim has authored multiple publications on sustainable business innovation.  And, in 2018, his book titled Headwinds of Opportunity:  A Compass for Sustainable Innovation was published by Routledge and received the Silver Axiom Business Book Award in the category of Sustainability.

    Richard Reibstein, JD has helped develop the field of pollution prevention and provided hundreds of workshops and public presentations.  He has also served as a US Environmental Protection Agency enforcement attorney, and taught environmental law and policy at Northeastern University, Boston University, Clark University, Suffolk University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard Extension School.  Rick has prompted and participated in regulatory improvement efforts at the federal, state, and international levels.

    After decades working for and with environmental agencies while teaching part-time, Rick Reibstein now teaches full-time at Boston University providing courses he created.  His goal is to increase understanding of the necessity and benefits of rebuilding environmental governance.  He seeks to inspire greater civic engagement and consensus finding and uses his expertise to connect students to efforts to improve law and program effectiveness.


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    • Non-members - $20*

    *Webinars, subsequent recordings, and resources shared are offered at no cost to NPPR members. Non-members are invited to participate for a nominal fee. Not sure if you’re a member?  Log-in to check your membership status. Contact if you need assistance. 

Past events

27 Mar 2024 P2 101: Introduction to Pollution Prevention
20 Mar 2024 Food and Beverage Workgroup Meeting and Webinar
20 Mar 2024 Trash to Treasure: A “Dual Impact” Approach to Food Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention
25 Jan 2024 Sustainability Cohort Virtual Information Session
25 Jan 2024 Energy-Saving Opportunities in the Food & Beverage Sector
12 Dec 2023 National P2 Grantee Meeting
20 Sep 2023 26th Annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show: ReBranding Sustainability
20 Jul 2023 Alternative Sanitizers & Disinfectants for the Food and Beverage Industry Webinar
29 Jun 2023 Combined P2 and Zero Waste Training
10 May 2023 Learn About the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) 2023 Survey
2 May 2023 Discover How CO2 Capture Can Benefit Your Brewery and the Environment
25 Apr 2023 Swimming Pool Pollution Prevention
19 Apr 2023 Detoxifying Commerce
12 Apr 2023 Pollution Prevention Webinar: Protecting TN's Natural Resources
16 Feb 2023 Leadership & Voluntary Programs Workgroup - EPA P2 Grantee Meeting Discussion
27 Jan 2023 6th Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Survey
11 Jan 2023 January Food & Beverage Workgroup Roundtable
14 Dec 2022 Webinar: Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi) Within Your Manufacturing Company
13 Dec 2022 Strategies for Residential Food Waste Reduction & Composting webinar
16 Nov 2022 Webinar: Sustainability Challenges in Manufacturing
24 Oct 2022 5th Annual Michigan Sustainability Conference
24 Oct 2022 North Carolina Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) Conference
18 Oct 2022 2022 P2 West Roundtable
22 Sep 2022 Garden Hotline Q&A Livestream
22 Sep 2022 Closing the Green Gap: Bringer Safer Products to Underserved Communities
22 Sep 2022 Michigan Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing: Green Financing for New Development, Building Upgrades and Renewables
22 Sep 2022 Pollution Prevention Waste Management Workshop
21 Sep 2022 Indiana Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show
20 Sep 2022 Solar Panel Recycling & Washington State EPR
12 Sep 2022 NPPR Food & Beverage Workgroup Meeting
17 Aug 2022 2022 Intern Symposium (Minnesota Technical Assistance Program - MnTAP)
4 Aug 2022 2022 Intern Symposium (Kansas State University Pollution Prevention Institute)
27 Jul 2022 Cannabis Waste Issues
13 Jul 2022 Improving Your Vision To See More Savings Webinar (TMAC)
28 Jun 2022 The Nexus Between Green Business Programs and Pollution Prevention
21 Jun 2022 NPPR Metal Finishing Workgroup Webinar - June 21
25 May 2022 Dry Ice Blasting for Industrial Equipment Cleaning, Degreasing, and Graffiti Removal (greenUP! training)
18 May 2022 Safer Alternatives for Solvent Applications in Graffiti Management, Auto Repair and Industrial (greenUP! training Part 4 of 4)
4 May 2022 Safer Cleaning and Thinning Alternatives for Industrial Facilities (greenUP! training Part 3 of 4)
20 Apr 2022 Safer Alternatives for Toxic Solvents - Auto Repair Facilities (greenUP! training Part 2 of 4)
14 Apr 2022 Trichloroethylene (TCE) Alternatives Project
6 Apr 2022 Safer Alternatives for Toxic Solvents - Graffiti Management (greenUP! training Part 1 of 4)
16 Mar 2022 TN Sustainable Spirits Webinar Series: Sustainability and Clean-In-Place (CIP) Techniques
14 Mar 2022 P2 Professionals Committee: Discussion of Upcoming P2 Grants
9 Mar 2022 P2 Professionals Workgroup Meeting
7 Mar 2022 March F&B Workgroup Roundtable
1 Feb 2022 Metal Finishers Workgroup Meeting
10 Jan 2022 NPPR Food & Beverage Workgroup - Anaerobic Digestion
17 Nov 2021 P2U: Leadership & Voluntary Programs Driving P2 Initiatives
15 Nov 2021 Food & Beverage Workgroup Roundtable
21 Sep 2021 Digitizing POTWs and Water Providers: Advancing the Use of Data in Water Programs
20 Sep 2021 Food & Beverage Workgroup Roundtable
10 Sep 2021 K-State Pollution Prevention Institute P2 Intern Symposium
18 Aug 2021 MnTAP 2021 Virtual Intern Symposium
19 Jul 2021 Food & Beverage Workgroup Roundtable
30 Jun 2021 Recycling and Materials Management in the Spirits Industry
22 Jun 2021 How to Cultivate a Culture of Sustainability at Your Facility
27 May 2021 Zero Waste: Making the Connection to P2
25 May 2021 Innovative Solutions: CO2 Capture Technology
17 May 2021 Food & Beverage Workgroup Roundtable
11 May 2021 NY Sustainable Brewery Summit - Day 2
4 May 2021 NY Sustainable Brewery Summit - Day 1
28 Apr 2021 Virginia Green Travel Conference
27 Apr 2021 Energy Treasure Hunts for Microbreweries
16 Apr 2021 Greening Your Bottom Line: Reducing Operating Costs in Food and Beverage Businesses
30 Mar 2021 ESI Environmental Benchmarking Series/Food & Beverage Event with Sierra Nevada Brewing
23 Mar 2021 PFAS in Food Packaging
17 Mar 2021 Part II: Best Practices for Reducing Fugitive Emissions From Ammonia Refrigeration Systems Used in the Food and Beverage Sector
11 Mar 2021 Navigating the Hierarchy of Food Recovery Webinar Series. Part 4: Beyond the Hierarchy
25 Feb 2021 Tools for Safer Chemicals - from Chemicals to Products to Organizations
24 Feb 2021 The LEAN-P2 Connection: Learning to See
22 Feb 2021 TN Sustainable Spirits Webinar
11 Feb 2021 Navigating the Hierarchy of Food Recovery Webinar Series - Part 3: Diversion
10 Feb 2021 F&B Workgroup February Roundtable
15 Dec 2020 P2U Chemical Substitution and Green Alternatives for the Metal Finishing Sector
19 Nov 2020 P2U Celebrating Success: Fostering a P2 Culture
29 Oct 2020 P2U Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Processing Workgroup Meeting
1 Oct 2020 Leadership & Voluntary Program Workgroup Discussion: EMS-based Membership Program Review Process
22 Sep 2020 People, Prosperity, Planet…the Journey to Sustainability: P2 Week and NPPR's P2U Kickoff Webinar
21 Sep 2020 NPPR 35th Anniversary - P2 Virtual Reunion
5 Aug 2020 NPPR August F&B Webinar: TN Sustainable Spirits Program
28 May 2020 Leadership & Voluntary Program Workgroup Webinar
1 Apr 2020 NPPR Food & Beverage April Webinar
4 Mar 2020 NPPR Food & Beverage March webinar
27 Feb 2020 Leadership & Voluntary Program Workgroup Webinar
12 Feb 2020 February Food & Beverage Workgroup Webinar
23 Jan 2020 Leadership & Voluntary Programs Workgroup Webinar - Jan
4 Dec 2019 Food & Beverage December Webinar - TUR in the F&B Sector
2 Oct 2019 October Food & Beverage Webinar
25 Sep 2019 Fall 2019 Membership Call - Rescheduled
18 Sep 2019 Fall 2019 Membership Call

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